West African Science Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) and Pan African University – Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES) Cooperation) – WASCAL – PAUWES

Sector Water & Energy (Engineering and Policy)
Area German, Algeria, Niger, Benin
Period 01 Jan 2017 – 31 Dec 2017
Budget Approx. 323 000 €

The collaboration between the Center for Development Research (ZEF) of the University of Bonn, the West African Science Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) and PAUWES aims to build strong networks and create synergies in their quests in the areas of energy and water resources. The project also aims to improve high quality education particularly in research based education and improve the connection between both university partners and their successful establishment in the African and International scientific network.

Ongoing Water and Energy research at WASCAL are established via internships at the WASCAL Competence Center in Ouagadougou.

Key Activities and Events
• Training sessions at the University Abdou Moumouni in Niamey (Niger) and at the University Abomey-Calavi in Cotonou (Benin) will bring together 20 PAUWES MSc students (10 working on energy and 10 on water) with 10 WASCAL PhD and 10 MSc students from the two graduate schools, focusing on the same topics.
• A Summer School at PAUWES with 20 WASCAL Students from Niamey and Cotonou

Higher Education Partners
• The Center for Development Research (ZEF) at the University of Bonn (UB) from Germany
• The West African Science Center on Climate change and adapted land use
• University Abomey-Calavi in Cotonou (Benin)
• Abdou Moumouni in Niamey (Niger)
Funding Partner
• German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)