The third orientation week at PAUWES, 25th September to 1st October 2016

06 Oct

On the first day of the orientation week at PAUWES, the Students of the new cohort were present to attend the event and get involved with this new step of their life at the campus.

The expert panel did express its welcome wishes, starting by the University of Tlemcen representative, Dean of the Faculty of Technology Prof. A. Chikh who underlined the importance of the Institute to contribute building together a better Africa, Miss Kate Hach representing the German partner who congratulated and encouraged the students for joining the project, and finally the Director of the Institute Prof Zerga who congratulated the first cohort for their master thesis defense, the new students, as each and every participating country, mentioning that “You all have chosen PAUWES because you want to receive quality training and contribute to the change of our continent.”



During the entire week, the students did figure out many details about studying aboard and life campus, through the planned week program. They learnt about several procedures concerning the introduction to curricular program, so got familiar with PAUWES Internal rules and the opening bank accounts. The students also discovered the institute as well and were basically introduced to the basis related to life in Algeria.

At the end of the week, a special day was reserved for the Alumni workshop, teambuilding activities, the selection of the student representatives and a touristic tour at Tlemcen. Saturday’s 1 October evening was Party Time which took place at the Cultural Palace Abdelakrim Dali- Imama, where the three cohorts did reach out the intercultural exchange.

PAUWES received this year 81 new students from 21 nationalities across Africa.