PAUWES First Career Days – September 21st-29th

29 Sep

‘’ Networking and sustainable relationships are essential for career improvement ’’Astride Mélaine ADJINACOU GNAHOUI

After two great years at the Institute of Water and Energy Sciences, the first graduates will soon move on to the African labour market. To make this entry a success, PAUWES is empowering its students to embark on their career paths and get the positions they are striving towards. Together with GIZ assistance, the institute created a comprehensive package of events for both the graduating and the second-year students: the PAUWES Career Days. From September 21st till September 29th, the students are being introduced to the different paths that they could pursue in academia, the private and the public sector, as well as in civil society.

Last week, renowned African professors talked about opportunities in Algeria, South Africa and Kenya and presented testimonials from their own careers. Prof. Sebitosi, a Ugandan sustainable energy expert from the University of Stellenbosch gave advice on how to develop a research proposal, while Prof. Khellaf, Director of Renewable Energy Development Centre in Algiers, pointed out that most phD students who receive job offers from the private or public sector are hired not because of their research, but due to the transferable skills they have acquired during their degree: think of engineers who become patent examiners, physicists who go on to work in financial modelling for a bank, or scientists who advise business and government as consultants.    

On Thursday, a Leadership Workshop moderated by Mr. M’hamed Kouidmi got graduating students inspired for their future role as change makers in tackling some of Africa’s biggest challenges: droughts, energy shortages and climate change. This week, they were introduced to African job market analysis by Dr. Hugo Lucas, former Director for Policy at International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA. He showed them how to identify companies, organisations and institutions active in their specific areas of expertise in water and energy. In order to catch these opportunities, Dr. Yene Assegid from Ethiopia is leading a team of career coaches holding group and individual sessions on the tools and the skills needed to build successful careers. They will continue to support the students virtually over the coming months.  

The PAUWES Career Days instilled the graduate class of 2016 with the entrepreneurial attitude needed to conquer future challenges in water and energy and take over responsibility for their own career enhancement. We are excited to see where the first PAUWES Graduates will go!