Following the world climate conference COP21, PAUWES brings the debate to Tlemcen

15 Feb

The Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change) (PAUWES) organised a movie night on 2nd February at the “Cinématèque” of Tlemcen, in cooperation with the Association for the protection and promotion of the environment of the wilaya of Tlemcen (ASPEWIT), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ, German cooperation) and the “Cinématèque” of Tlemcen.

The film screened that night was the American documentary “An inconvenient truth” which demonstrates that the threat of climate change is real. This is a very relevant topic following the world conference on climate change COP 21, which was held last December in Paris. The film screening is part of the “Movie Weeks”, an initiative launched by PAUWES and the “Centre de l’Enseignement intensif des Langues” (CEIL) last November to promote the exchange between PAUWES students, students of the University of Tlemcen and the residents of Tlemcen. The screening was followed by an open debate on climate change which was attended by ASPEWIT Director, Mr Bouayed Mohamed Morsli, and PAUWES professors.

As Mr Jafar Sari Bey, the Director of the “Cinématèque”, explained “the Cinématèque remains opens to cooperation with all organisations, establishments and institutions interested in better animating the cultural life of Tlemcen”.

The next day (3rd February), Mr Matthieu Wemaëre, international expert on the legal consequences of climate change, gave a lecture at the University of Tlemcen for interested students. This lecture was very enriching for PAUWES students and students of the University of Tlemcen who were able to discuss with Mr Wemaëre.

The initiative was also supported by GIZ.