Campus Life

A Leading Academic Institution

PAUWES is located on the campus of the Abou-Bekr Belkaïd University of Tlemcen, ranked as one of Algeria’s premier universities. With 42,000 students, 8 faculties and 2 elite schools for Science and Technology and Economic Science, the university offers an extensive, state-of-the art infrastructure for modern learning.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Supported by the Algerian government, the African Union Commission and Germany, the institute features state-of-the-art buildings and IT centres, a large library, several laboratories with advanced analytical equipment and an incubation centre for bringing ideas to life. Student residence halls are close to the university, and transportation is available to and from the campus.

Community Spirit

Space for students to meet socially, as well as a subsidized cafeteria are available. The institute provides excellent facilities for special needs students.

PAUWES Student Guide for Download

When you’re new in town, there are always lots of things to organise and find out. To ease your life at PAUWES, we made a Student Guide for you with some handy information on day-to-day student life in PAUWES and the city of Tlemcen. The Guide is available for download here .