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Teaching at PAUWES was a nice and distinguished experience, which I really appreciate. Students were interactive and creative in such a way that allowed me the opportunity to move away from passive learning towards getting engaged in much more interactive learning geared towards real-world outcomes rather than routine tasks and memorization. It also gave me the opportunity to encourage and motivate those young researchers to collaborate in investigating the surrounding environment to learn about various aspects of water related statistical research in order to figure out the most sounding challenges on different socio-economic and ecological dimensions, and accordingly to generate high-quality researches. Moreover, I have personally enjoyed my stay in the calm and harmonious city of Tlemcen with the generous reception and cordial hospitality from the friendly colleagues at PAUWES. (Dr. Nashwa Elbendary, Egypt)






I have greatly enjoyed my experience teaching intra- and entrepreneurship at PAUWES. It was a source of tremendous satisfaction to see my students not only improving their theoretical skills in intra- and entrepreneurship but also understanding how in practice sustainable projects are realized in other countries. The warm welcome and gracious hospitality from my colleagues in Tlemcen -a very calm but picturesque city – made my stay a very unique experience I can only warmly recommend to other lecturers. (Mme Katharina Braig)

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